Heidi Kinar & Ruslan Hrabowy | Conexus

Heidi Kinar has been a Mobile Mortgage Specialist for Conexus Credit Union for nearly 7 years.  Passionate about her industry, she volunteers at various community events offering mortgage and financial advice. She offers creative mortgage solutions to meet the diverse needs of her clients. When she is not at work she enjoys travelling and spending time with family, friends and her dog Roscoe.   Heidi takes pride in her employment for Conexus Credit Union and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.  She feels that there are many more mortgage products available than what most people are aware of.

Ruslan Hrabowy has over 5 years of experience in the financial industry, most recently as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist with Conexus Credit Union- most people know him as Russ. Ruslan enjoys challenges that allow him to think outside the box when people are looking for specific kinds of Mortgage financing. This may include a Borrowed Down Payment, Construction Mortgages, Purchase Plus Improvements, Cash Back Mortgages and New to Canada. As a Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Ruslan’s main goal and self-achievement is to ensure the financial well-being of his members as well as making their dreams of home ownership a reality.  Ruslan is there to offer guidance and advice throughout the home buying process to guarantee that all of your needs are met.